Jeff Dawson

Australian mine and safety expert

One of the best things for me in being involved with SRMI is the opportunity they've given me to work closer with Filipinos.

When we bring in trainees here with zero skills and turn them into quality operators, they can work anywhere in the world further enhancing the reputation of Filipino workers around the world. These guys here are what make this project so special and I'm so very fortunate to be part of this and to share this journey that we are undertaking to improve what we do with the mining industry here. We employ state-of-the-art equipment--Volvos from Sweden, Caterpillar equipment from America; and, the training associated with these equipment means that our work force is skilled for any part of this operation or any project they wish to undertake in the future.

By working together, we're promoting sustainable mining; we're incorporating Australian and world's best practice mining operations to this part of the world and it's something that I'm immensely proud of. The fact that management is spending so much effort, putting so much effort into what we're doing to make us world class standard.